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About Black Girls Dance®






I was inspired to create Black Girls Dance® because of the need to give female dancers of color, who are often times overlooked, an opportunity to perform. My career as a professional dancer lasted for 25 glorious years, but when I returned to my hometown of Chicago, I discovered many talented dancers were unemployed or working "regular" jobs because they didn't have the personal connections or access to audition or train with mainstream dance companies or Broadway musicals. I believe all dancers train and study their craft with dedication and commitment knowing the pool of full-time employment is scarce some never land their dream job, not because they don't have the talent and it's simply not fair.

At Black Girls Dance®, our unwavering commitment is to champion and elevate dancers of color by providing a transformative journey that encompasses training, exposure, and performance opportunities. Rooted in the belief that dance is not only an art form but a powerful avenue for personal growth and empowerment, our mission transcends the stage to impact lives and communities.

The vision of Black Girls Dance® is to expand our community world wide until we become the largest resource for female dancers of color in performance opportunities, career guidance and scholarship assistance.

  • Relationships and Community engagement

  • Instruction with Empathy

  • Exposure to Industry Professionals and Opportunities

  • Creating well rounded humans who appreciate art

Our Story
Core Values

Founder & Director

Erin Jumpsuit 2.jpg


Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Horton Technique, Contemporary

Our Board of Directors

Halil Hampton, Esq Courtney Dodd
Dunni Cosey-Gay
Erin D. Barnett

Our Faculty


Dorianne Thomas

Combination Classes 1 - 4, Ballet, Pointe, Jazz

Jordyn Bush.jpeg

Jordyn A. Bush

Tap 1 -3, Jazz, Hip Hop 1 – 3


Emani Drake

Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop

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