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Our goal for the summer is for students to continue their dance journey and prepare them for the Black Girls Dance Junior Ensemble audition for the 22/23 Season! If Covid number continue to decline, and the world opens up more, we anticipate opportunities to perform in and around Chicago and compete at a regional dance competition/convention. Including classes like Acting, GIRL power, and dance composition empowers them with multidisciplinary skills that give them a broader appreciation for the arts while having fun! {You can expect them to be fully worn out at 5pm ;)}

Students will be fully engaged in classes like ballet, tap, modern, hip hop, African, Flamenco, acting, acro/tumbling, double dutch, GIRL power, dance composition. In the Acting class - students will learn vocal projection exercises and basic acting skills for commercials and short skits. Dance Composition is a fun class to inspire students to create their own dances. They will use their movement vocabulary and combine it with a theme in order to create a dance that tells a story. GIRL power - I believe it’s never too soon to equip our girls with tools they need to navigate things like peer relationships, school bullying, and healthy body awareness. Through several leadership courses, I’ve developed a wonderful lesson plan with activities and group talks that inspire self-confidence. Double Dutch is a wonderful physical activity where dancers can practice coordination while participating in a cultural pastime. There will be a showcase on the last day of the program!!


All Dance technique classes focus on foundations and build on what they already know to increase strength, balance, flexibility. The program is Monday through Friday from 9a to 5p. The total cost is $1125 per week $225. The dates are July 11 - August 12 (4 weeks). The audition for the Black Girls Dance Junior Ensemble will be on the last day of the program (Aug 12) during the showcase. The Junior Ensemble will perform in the 2022 production of Mary, A Holiday Dansical!

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